Kanzlei Traut – Law Firm

From its offices in Wiesbaden and Würzburg, the law firm Traut provides legal services throughout Germany exclusively in the field of criminal law, primarily in the area of white-collar crime and tax offences. In addition to defending individuals in criminal proceedings and representing them in professional law proceedings, we also offer legal counselling and representation to enterprises.

Law firm Traut performs preventive counselling on criminal law (compliance) and internal investigations. It supervises whistleblower systems according to the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) and also sets them up.

Apart from the foregoing, law firm Traut also provides legal opinions.

Legal Counselling

Law firm Traut advises individuals and enterprises. Thus, we also represent self-employed professionals such as physicians, tax advisors, auditors and notaries in professional law proceedings.

The preventive counselling of companies on criminal law issues is increasingly important in daily practice. Law firm Traut has many years of experience in this context.


You can contact us on the phone at +49 (0)611 335 455 10 (Wiesbaden office) and +49 (0)931 991 561 91 (Würzburg office), by email to inf o@kanz lei-traut.de or via the contact form.